Themis Vision Systems Is Born at Stennis Space Center Incubator

Stennis Space Center — Hyperspectral Imaging Start-Up Joins Mississippi Enterprise for Technology Program

Of course, one can find technology at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi that can propel a man to the moon. However, it may surprise some to discover there is Stennis-generated technology that can assist to heal a man’s wound, discover harmful organisms in food, or provide answers in forensics. These are several real world uses of the hyperspectral imaging systems and services developed by a new company that recently chose the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a home.

In December, 2008, Themis Vision Systems assumed the operations of Emerging Technologies Corporation and opened its headquarters at Stennis Space Center. Themis is conducting research and development efforts as well as manufacturing products within the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MsET) incubator at Stennis’ Center of Excellence in Geospatial Technologies. The company also opened offices in Virginia, California, and Washington State, and secured seed capital to support the development and global distribution of their patented turnkey hyperspectral imaging systems. Themis has put together a management team with an established a global network of imaging partnerships. The start-up already has secured business and distribution agreements in Canada, Japan, France, and China, as well as in the United States. According to CEO, Mark Allen Lanoue, “Themis Vision Systems has brought together years of technological advances with a strategically sound management team and global plan that will bring much needed user-friendly turnkey imaging products and solutions to the forefront of the global photonics market and visibility to the State of Mississippi’s high tech product and research capabilities.” Through Emerging Technologies Corporation, Themis has obtained exclusive rights to 5 patents from the Institute for Technology Development, a non-profit corporation with a long history at Stennis of partnerships with NASA and other entities in developing imaging technologies that are viable in the commercial marketplace.

The support of Themis fits well into the mission of MsET, a private, non-profit corporation that focuses on high-quality job creation primarily through the development and success of young technology companies rich with big growth potential. MsET works to support and house young corporations that can move technology and innovation to success in the marketplace in coordination with its natural partnerships with NASA, the State of Mississippi, and the state’s higher education system. The business incubator at MsET has graduated over 30 companies from the start-up program, many that have developed geospatial technology that supports disaster management, national defense and homeland security, agriculture, transportation, navigation and mapping, entertainment and recreation, and health, among many other areas.

Themis has already worked with the Mississippi Development Authority to build momentum overseas. “Themis is a start-up company that has accomplished several significant goals in a short period of time in a challenging economy at home and abroad,” remarked Charlie Beasley, president and CEO of MsET. “They have attracted capital and management talent from the start and have put that to work to establish distribution partners and early sales. The company is brand new but the experience it owns in success is evident.”

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