Affiliate Program

MSET offers services to resident and nonresident clients wishing to initiate or expand their business at Stennis Space Center and in the Gulf South region. Two types of affiliates exist, MSET tenants and Affiliates, depending on whether a lease agreement is or will be in place for MSET space. Separate lists of services are maintained for MSET tenants and Affiliates.

The program is fee-based with a fee structure associated with the size of the client company and the length of time services are desired. Monthly and annual rates are available.


Affiliates can request services covering the span of a year. This option is the most affordable for services provided in the “List of Services.” This rate is best for those who are either established at Stennis or have Stennis in their strategic plans as a new start or for the expansion of existing business.


Affiliates can request a monthly agreement over the course of any number of selected, consecutive months. This rate gives clients the services listed in the “List of Services” and allows them to “test the waters” at Stennis to see if company capabilities are a good fit for the Stennis environment.

Rates for the program range from $60 to $175 per month for a monthly contract and $500 to $1,500 for an annual contract.

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