NVision Solutions, Magellium, and Pole Star Sign International Geospatial Marketing Agreement

NASA Stennis Space Center —

A leading Mississippi geospatial company, NVision Solutions Inc, announced an international partnership today to cross-market geospatial technology in the U.S. and Europe with leading geospatial French companies, Magellium and Pole Star.

The agreement leverages the expertise of all three companies to address a rapidly growing world-wide market for GeoSpatial products and services. NVision is a leading provider of mission-critical, GIS-based decision support systems in the U.S. Magellium is a leader in remote sensing, GIS and architecture development for space systems in France. Pole Star is a leader in space-based, location aware applications for a wide variety of business and consumer markets.

“This agreement was the outcome of a lot of hard work by numerous agencies on both sides of the Atlantic,” commented Craig Harvey, Executive VP and CIO of NVision Solutions.

Pole Star and Magellium are both founding members of the CECILE Group, a cluster of French small and medium enterprises for space-based applications development in satellite positioning, navigation & timing and in environment applications clustered in the Greater Toulouse area of the Midi-Pyrenees region in the South West of France. The Cecile group’s proximity to the proposed French Aerospace Valley combined with NVision Solutions’ headquarters at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in South Mississippi demonstrates a common belief in space-based technology and a desire to integrate that technology to address complex and common problems alike for societies in Europe and the U.S.

The landmark agreement was signed at the European Navigation Conference, GNSS – TimeNav ’07 conference in Geneva Switzerland by corporate representatives Craig Harvey of NVision Solutions Inc., Christian Carle of Pole Star sur., and Jean-Pierre Madier of Magellium in the presence of Georges Estebal, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse and Richard Reclus, Head of International Development for Grand Toulouse Group.

“For NVision Solutions this marks the first of several anticipated international agreements,” said Harvey. “Over the past three years NVision has pursued international markets with the assistance of the U.S. Commercial Service, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology, and the Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions (EIGS).”

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