MSET goal to advance technologies of tomorrow

In ancient times, technology was defined as the spoken word of manual craft or cunning skill. Ever since then, the definition and identification of the term has been up for debate. But one thing is certain. A state agency at Stennis Space Center is helping to ease the transition from technology development to commercial application.

The Mississippi Enterprise for Technology has made its business to make good business.

The goal of MSET and other like agencies is simple: to increase the economic impact of transferred technology to increase the rate, volume and quality of the technologies transferred between industry, academia and government agencies.

“MSET has operated the Mississippi Technology Transfer Office for nearly 20 years,” said MSET president and CEO, Charlie Beasley. MSET’s job — he said, quoting state statute for technology transfer — is “to ensure that Mississippi benefits from and fully exploits scientific research and technology” developed at Stennis and other federal laboratories.

“Our focus today is to position the state to excel, into the next 20 years, in transferring federally developed science and technology to the private sector of the state.”

Small businesses with big impact

Two small businesses with offices located in the Mississippi Technology Transfer Office — Innovative Imaging and Research Corporation (I2R) and NVision Solutions Incorporated — are taking current technology to the next level. More…

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