MsET and Cytec Corp. working together to support Navy and Mississippi

Stennis Space Center has once again proven its attractiveness to quality companies with the presence of Cytec Corporation, and the Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Engineering Support Center (ESC) concept for the Navy.  The AIT/ESC is a unique facility in that is the only one in the country, outside of the Navy Logistics Facility in Mechanicsburg, PA, to support the U.S. Navy’s activities surrounding AIT and Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) technology.  Cytec, a Jackson-based firm, operates the AIT/ECS from Building 1210 at Stennis.  It also supports other project activity as an incubator company from its office in Building 1103 through the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology.

Cytec is a minority (Hubzone/SDB Certified) firm that has focused on innovative technology applications with support to the Federal government and Department of Defense (DoD).  The company is the lead sub-contractor on all AIT/ESC projects.  The AIT/ESC is designed to conduct “proof-of-principle” projects using AIT technologies that can be implemented within the Navy to track supplies and equipment, either stored or in travel.  “The Navy has been losing millions of dollars in supplies and equipment because they have been trying to track it the old fashioned way, on paper,” said Walter Scott, vice president of Cytec and former director of the Minority Business Enterprise division of the former Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development.  “Our goal, along with the Navy Logistics Department goal, is to get the entire Navy on board with AIT. The AIT/ESC will help save the Navy million of dollars annually.”

The company was instrumental in developing the AIT/ESC and locating it to Stennis Space Center in 2005.  With Senators Trent Lott and Thad Cochran spearheading the effort, the AIT/ESC concept was first awarded $2.8 million in Congressional appropriated funds for FY04.  With that money, Cytec has been able to establish a state-of-the art testing laboratory managed by retired Navy man Ellis Bonds.  Tasks under the first year include:

– Development of an RFI Device application to track and manage components in a maintenance depot.

–  Development of an RFI Device solution to manage the location and contents of storage containers.

–  Development of an application to use barcode and scanner technology to track supply chain delivery metrics.

Congress has allocated another $3.4 million for FY06.  Cytec will use these funds to create a Help Desk for the AIT/ ESC, what Scott said will be the “lifeblood of the lab.”  He expects the Help Desk to be operational by the Fall of 2006.  Cytec will also use these funds to purchase additional equipment for the laboratory and to hire a full staff of employees, which Scott said will be around 8 people when fully staffed.  “Being from Mississippi, we wanted this project in Mississippi,” Scott said.  “The AIT/ESC fits very well at Stennis.  The Navy has had a presence at Stennis since its beginning.  Stennis is a secure facility that provides protection for proprietary information that is flowing through the ESC.  It just makes sense for the ESC to be housed at Stennis.”

“We are very fortunate to have located the ESC/AIT with MsET,” Scott said. “MsET professional staff is providing supportive services that are vital to the development and growth of the ESC.”   To find out more about Cytec, contact Walter Scott at (601) 842-2786. For more information on MsET, call (800) 746-4699 or visit

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