Houston TX Company GB Tech Committed to Investing in South Mississippi

Stennis Space Center, MS —

South Mississippi has shown many recent signs of recovering from a disaster, including the fact that a Houston, Texas technology company sees great opportunity in the region. GB Tech, who once invested over $1M here for Research and Development efforts alone, have recently reinvested back into the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Permanent offices have been re-established at Stennis Space Center’s Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MsET), and GB Tech was recently awarded 6 telecommunications/network contracts that assisted a major non-profit organization in the disaster recovery industry. An important aspect of the company’s investment here is the active collaboration with local Mississippi firms, a trait that shows confidence in this region.

“I personally believe in Mississippi and want to ensure that GB Tech is part of bringing good paying jobs back to the Coast. I want my kids and grandkids to have a great place to live and work,” said Tim Brogdon, Executive Vice President, and the point-of-contact at the company’s Stennis location. “We believe that there are real opportunities in Mississippi, and we want to be a part of the rebuilding excitement and invigorating atmosphere of South Mississippi.”

MsET is known for actively working throughout Mississippi with commercial, federal, and state entities to further the growth of local technology industries.  “The Coast benefits greatly from innovative companies that are eager to locate and grow here, invest in our community, and form strategic relationships with all sectors of the economy to help move our area forward,” remarked Charlie Beasley, Vice President of MsET. “GB Tech is one of those companies, and they are certainly a strong advocate for the Coast and our state.”

MsET is a private, non-profit corporation headquartered at Stennis whose mission is to create high-skill, high-wage jobs in Mississippi. The organization houses a large group of technology companies, primarily geospatial technologies companies, and services them with a portfolio of business services that assist local and international success. One of MsET’s programs is a technology business incubator that has been in operation since 1994. A common thread most all the MsET companies have is the aggressive partnering and collaboration that increase the effectiveness of the group as a whole. “MsET allows me to associate with other innovative companies and to find teammates for new ventures,” said Brogdon. “Being located at Stennis with other entrepreneurial companies provides opportunities that would not otherwise be available.”

Brogdon added that he is seeing those opportunities not only at Stennis but across the Coast. “We are working to find teammates that bring excellent capabilities and a strong customer service attitude and ability,” he said when asked about GB Tech’s partnership with All Coast Communications (ACC) of Gulfport, who performed cable installation work in recent contracts. “ACC does an exceptional job and meets high criteria. We look forward to future work with them.”

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