MsET Service Provider Seminar – Michael Rich, Pinnacle Financial Group

Monday Jun 27, 2011 00:00 - 00:00 CDT

Herman Glazier Conference
Stennis Space Center, MS ,

This month’s Service Provider Seminar features Michael Rich of the Pinnacle Financial Group. The seminar is scheduled for Monday, June 27th at noon in the Building 1103 conference room. Lunch will be provided. Please register for the event so we have a proper count for the lunch order.

Ruin Your Retirement: 3 Easy Steps to Financial Disaster

If you’re like most people I know who haven’t retired yet, the thought of kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your years of labor is high on your list of dreams. However, I also know that lots and lots of people are dead-set on turning that dream into a nightmare, and they’re doing it in three easy steps.

Number one, they are financially disorganized. All the pieces and parts of their financial lives – investments, insurance, loans, retirement and bank accounts – are scattered about and being handled by different people. No one is in charge, and the parts aren’t working together efficiently, if at all. Secondly, they are woefully underestimating the true cost of living. They don’t take into account how inflation, taxes, planned obsolescence, upgraded lifestyles, new technology, unexpected events, and all the other money drains in life can affect them. And, finally, they adhere to the myriad myths that the “financial entertainers” on TV, the Internet, and in the check-out line tabloids foist on the American public, such as “just max out your 401(k) and you’ll be fine”, “buy term insurance and invest the difference at 12%”, “rate of return is more important than rate of saving”, and other delusions.

Taken together, these three steps are almost guaranteed to ruin retirement for a lot of people. However, if you want to learn how NOT to destroy your golden years, don’t miss this presentation.

Pinnacle Financial Group
Mike Rich
2800 Gause Blvd. East
Slidell, LA 70461

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