MSET Lunch & Learn

Thursday Nov 14, 2013 11:30 - 13:00 CST

John C. Stennis Space Center, MS
Stennis, MS 39529

Rescheduled from October 10, 2013:


This Lunch & Learn will feature patented technologies available for licensing from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – Stennis Detachment. Please join us at 11:30am on November 14th

in the Logtown Conference Room (Building 1100 at Stennis Space Center) to learn more about the technologies NRL is making available to emerging and existing businesses. Although others may be added to the list, technologies to be highlighted include:


BOPPERS – presented by inventor Jeff Book. The invention is a system for collecting ocean data that includes a trawl-resistant bottom mooring with a base unit and profiler. The method for collecting ocean data includes receiving and executing a configuration file in the base unit and the profiler, collecting data, transmitting the data to a receiving station, and transferring to and archiving the data in the base unit.


Cloud Shadow Detection Index– presented by inventor Ruhul Amin.  NRL has developed a technique to detect cloud shadows from air-borne and space-borne optical measurements over water. Shadow causes either a reduction or total loss of information in an image which leads to corruption in the retrieved products (30-40% errors in the observed reflectance). Shadow can also impact mesoscale atmospheric circulations that lead to major convective storm systems. Cloud and neighboring shadow pixels can be used for sensor calibration and also removal of the atmospheric signal. Additionally, cloud shadows can be used to estimate both cloud base and cloud top heights.


Shoreline Boundary Extraction Method – presented by inventor Cheryl Ann Blain. The boundary extraction method is a computer-implemented method for creating an ordered set of boundary data by transforming data from remotely sensed imagery of shorelines. The mesh generation and editing tools are usable in any number of different operating systems and configurations. The system extracts and processes river bank coordinates from imagery, and generates an unstructured mesh of the river using river bank positions and available or synthetic bathymetry.


Sediment Strength Apparatus– presented by inventor Allen Reed. The apparatus enables nano/micro mechanical testing of similar micro-sized specimens in aqueous environments.   The apparatus can be used to determine the fate and survivability of river-borne aggregates in estuarine and littoral zone waters and make predictions of grain interactions associated with sediment transport. The apparatus may also be used to address the strength of similarly sized composite materials with low strength, such as beads, elastomers, food products, and cosmetics.


Finally, information will be provided on the next steps to take if anyone or any company is interested in further discussions on these or any other NRL patented technology. 

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